E2 Records/E2 Recording Studios is a Digital Audio Pre-Production, Production and Dub Plate Facility. We are dedicated to servicing audio and multimedia production. E2 Recording Studios offers a range of services to Artists, Producers, and Musicians. We provide a convenient location, professional equipment and experienced staff.

TYPES OF RECORDING SESSIONS - (Dub Plate) Vocals on tracks (Basic Tracks) Multi-track recording of the following: rhythm section, guide vocal track, the groups live performance recording all the songs for the project.

(Over Dubs) After all the basic tracks have been recorded over dub can take place: lead vocals, background vocals, horns, additional keyboards if needed, guitars, and percussion.

(Mixing) Once the multi-track tapes have all instruments and vocals for all the songs it is time mix. Mixing is the process of blending all the individual tracks to two track stereo or 5.1 surround.

Please contact us via email at edrobinsonmusic@gmail.com OR contact via phone 718-663-9408 if you are working on a Single, EP or an album!